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Le Petit Paris

2015.04 Premiere

Experimental Theater of Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, Tainan

Tainan Arts Festival

Avant-garde Theater Festival of Taiwan and China, Beijing

2015.05 Tour 

Guling Street Avant-garde Theater 2F, Taipei

Nanjing University Experimental Theater, Nanjing

Trojan Theater, Hangzhou

2016.09 Tour

CHE Theatre, Beijing

Director / HSIEH Tung-Ning

Playwright / LIU Tian-ya

Le Petit Paris tells the story of the construction process. Le Petit Paris is a building case which imitates the shape and style of Paris in France. The show describes the figures of lower class in the rapid-developing society through the theatre techniques such as shadow play, song and dance drama, live music.

It's a legend of urban redevelopment

Eiffel Tower grows out of the farmland

Three stories, seven destinies, all in a Petit Paris.

Le Petit Paris

Director / HSIEH Tung-Ning

Playwright / LIU Tian-ya

Producer / Irene Yi, Feng Hua-Yu(Nanjing)

Performer / TANG Hsuan-Jou, Yang Hsuan-che, Zhang Bo(Nanjing), Zhou Pei Kun(Nanjing)

Stage Designer / HO Mu-Yun

Lighting Designer / SU Yang-Ching

Music Designer & Sound Engineer / HSU Po-Cheng

Costume Designer / HO Mu-Yun

Graphic Designer / HUANG Cheng-Shian, WEN Shin

Stage Manager / SU Yang-Ching

Executive Producer / HUANG Cheng-Shian

Ticketing / LI Wei-Ling

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