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​The Last Dinner

2020.11 Premiere
Tainan Municipal Xinying Cultural Center

★1st Quanta Performing Arts Golden 

     Creative Award, Silver Award

★Tainan Arts Festival

Director|HO Ying-Kuen

Playwright|LIU Tian-ya

In 2019, Voleur du Feu Theatre director Liu Tianya launched a genre writing project entitled “Suspense Trilogy.” Although the project inherited the language style of Liu’s other scripts, the intention was the creation of new stylistic form of writing. The building of suspense is the project’s main creative goal. Its content revolves around human nature, while its subject matter hews to various contemporary themes and the psychology of urbanities.

The Last Dinner stands as the first work in Liu’s creative trilogy and is inspired by the Taiwan folktale of the flying ghost ship. “In the 90s, it was rumored that after a fire broke out somewhere in Taiwan, a ghost ship appeared in the sky. After waiting for a sufficient number of souls to board, it flew away. This is a frightening urban legend. However, I have to admit, one that is also a bit poetic….”

The Last Dinner tells the story of four classmates who have not seen each other for over a decade. All of them suddenly receive a mysterious invitation to meet at Chelsea restaurant. When in high school, the four were members of the Totoki Drama Club. With stories and laughter, they remember their other good friend, Du Xiaoya, who is absent that night.

As the night progresses, the secret they all share is slowly revealed. Who sent the mysterious invitations? Why have the friends been reunited after so many years? What fate awaits them tonight?

​The Last Dinner

Founder / HSIEH Tung-Ning

Producer / LIU Tian-ya

Director / HO Ying-Kuen

Playwright / LIU Tian-ya

Performer / WU Yen-Ling, SHU Wei-Chieh, CHAO Shinyi, Kurt HSIAO, Yian BAU

Assistant Director / KIA

Production Manager / CHENG Ching-Ching

Marketing Manager / DING Fu-Kwan

Stage Designer / CHAO Yu-Han

Music Designer / CHIANG Tao

Lighting Designer / SU Yang-Ching

Costume Designer / HUANG Chih-Fan

Hair & Make-up Designer / Ooioh

Graphic Designer / Zin Ge

Stage Manager / PAN Pei-Chun

Technical Director / Lennon Gho

Stage Crew /CHEN Yu-Ying, LI Ming-Yuan, LI Fu-Ru

Master  Electrician / CHUANG Chia-Cheng

Lighting Crew / LIU Po-Han, YANG Yu-Jie, Hsiao Ya-Ting

Sound Engineer / TSAI I-Chun

Hair & Make-up Assistant / TSAI I-Ling

Executive Producer / HUANG Cheng-Shian

Photographer / CJZ. Moment


Stage Execution and Production / Ridge Studio Production & Design Co., Ltd.

Organizer / Tainan City Government

Implementer / Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government, Quanta Arts Foundation

Co-organizer / Tainan Culture Foundation

Sponsor / Quanta Computer

​Performed by Voleur du Feu Theatre

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