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HSIEH Tung-Ning


Hsieh Tung Ning was the director of Voleur du Feu Theatre(2013-2019), a theatre director, curator and critic. He participated in the little theatre movement of Taiwan in the 90s including Lan Ling Theatre Workshop and U Theatre. He was graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) with both master and bachelor degrees, majored in directing. He lived in Paris for 9 years and graduated from the Université Paris III SUAPS Center (Body and Movement). 

A former invited critic of Performing Arts Review, National Culture and Arts Foundation, one of the nominating committees of Taishin Arts Award. His articles were widely scattered through magazines and journals of Taiwan, China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.

Hsieh Tung-Ning devoted his whole life to theater creation and establishing a better environment for young creators. He passed away at 51 in 2019.



Director, The Missing Mickey, National Performing Arts Center, National Theatre, Taipei


Director and curator, 2018 Sinophone Original Play Biennial

Director,  Voleur du Feu Theatre X Oriza Hirata, Transfer Student, National Theatre and Concert Hall, Experimental Theatre

Director, Closing Eyes is a Crime, National Museum of Taiwan Literature


Director, Qibla, National Museum of Taiwan Literature; National Theatre and Concert Hall, Experimental Theatre
Director, Le Cri, a tour of 15 performances in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chang-hua and Beijing

Executive director and producer, Taipei Notes, Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Yokohama Museum, Japan; 2017Taipei Arts Festival, Wellspring Theater, Taiwan.


Director, Ici là-bas, a tour of 15 performances in Taipei, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and Yangzhou

Director, We·chat 2.0 (All Music Theatre)

Director, Le Petit Paris, a tour of 23 performances in Tainan, Taipei, Nanjing and Hangzhou

Director and Curator, Reflection on Others X  Ici là-bas


Co-creator, Devenir, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Director, Fleur d'or, Chia-yi 

Director, Le Petit Paris, Tainan Arts Festival

Director, Nora Kills, Taipei National University of Arts


Director, Buy Four Get One Free, Taipei and Kaohsiung

Director, La Vitesse Complexe (Bare Feet Dance Theatre)


Director, Miss Julie, Asia Theatre Directors’ Festival, Toga, Japan

Director, I am My Own Wife, Kaohsiung and Beijing (The Party Theater Group)

Director, Derniers Remords Avant L'oubli (The Party Theater Group), play reading

Director, Ghostdom River, Jing-Ju Opera Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts


Curator, Body Platform (Möbius Strip Theatre)

Director, Faust 3 (Nanjing University Art Master Performance Group)

Director, I am My Own Wife, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei (The Party Theater Group)


Director and dancer, Mauvais Chausson (Bare Feet Dance Theater)

Director, I am My Own Wife, Guling Street Avant-garde Theater, Taipei (The Party Theater Group)

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